Monday, May 18, 2009

Perth Craft Fair

I have just got back from the craft fair in Perth. I had a great time with my sister Sue and friend Kathryn checking out all the displays. I wanted to go to see what was on offer in Perth that we might not get down here in Albany. I am happy ( and sad) to report that there wasnt really anything we havent seen before. It's good to know that we keep up with the latest equipment available in Perth, but I know there is more out there that hasn't made it west at all. It was also pleasing to see that the SU! products more than held their own as regards to quality, price and choice. I saw alot of cheaper stamps, but you certainly get what you pay for, quite often there was no foam under the rubber or the image and rubber was very thin so the stamped image was not very good.

So what did I learn about stamping? I now know I dont like foam stamps as they dont give a crisp image. I discovered that acrylic stamps often leave an edge around the image. Give me a wood mounted stamp any day!!

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